Check options linked into ORACLE_HOME

NEW SCRIPT! – It check the options linked into the oracle software as described in MOS note “How to Check and Enable/Disable Oracle Binary Options (Doc ID 948061.1)”easily set your ORACLE_HOME and run it’s also working for your crs home

Example Output:

oracle$ ./
Installed Oracle-Software Options in ORACLE_HOME=0/u01/app/oracle/product/
(ASM) Storage Management OFF
(CTX) Context Management Text ON
(RAT) Oracle Real Application Testing ON
(PART) Oracle Partitioning ON
(RAC) Oracle Real Application Cluster ON
(DM) Oracle Data Mining OFF
Unknown options: ktd.o kxmwsd.o kprnts.o kdzof.o kbrsdis.o kdmof.o jox.o kzaiang.o

The unknown options can be ignored because oracle don’t explain what they are for.

Download it HERE.


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