Reports after OEM Upgrade

This is a really short blog post but to long for Twitter anyway.

If you access the repository database of Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Cloud Control 13.2 to use it for reports with a different database user, you may face the problem that it is no longer working after the upgrade from 12c.

The repository database is now using edition based redefinition (EBR) inside the database and therefore it must be enabled also for the reporting user.

sql> alter user xyz enable editions;

That’s all.
As default the following users have it enabled:

from dba_users 
order by 1;

USERNAME             E
-------------------- -
MGMT_VIEW            Y
SYSMAN               Y
SYSMAN_RO            Y

Public Synonyms

Keep in mind, from 13.1 onwards, there are no public synonyms for the management views anymore. This is described in the documentation in the second note.